Its Been A Year...
We all have anniversaries, but this is one that I wish I didn't have. 

It has been a year since I found out that I have cancer. The weeks after that were a whirlwind as we learned the extent of the cancer and the metastases. The doctors put together a plan and we followed that plan as I quickly started treatment. For 365 days I have been fighting and winning this battle. My fight continues as my last 2 PET scans have shown no evidence of disease but my bloodwork still shows that some cancer DNA is there. My next bloodwork to check for cancer DNA will be sometime March or April. I will continue my Keytruda infusions every 3 weeks until it is gone. I am also continuing my at home homeopathic remedies and treatments to help reverse the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy that I have been left with.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for your continued prayers. My family and I are eternally grateful for your support through this.

I know this last year has been hard, but through the hard I have remained faithful and grateful in the little things. I remain hopeful that 2024 will be a year of complete healing and reset.

My family and I attended OolaPalooza last week. It's a goal setting and personal development workshop. We each set 21 goals for 2024. 3 goals in each of the 7 F's of Oola: Fitness, Finance, Faith, Field (work), Family, Friends and Fun. It helps us to live a life of balance in this unbalanced world. I've attended this event the last 3 years. It was Devin and Kylie's 2nd time attending. We attended this event last year and then 3 days later I found out I had cancer. In spite of everything going on I still proudly achieved 5 of my goals from last year and I'm still working on a couple more before the end of this year. Here is Kylie on stage during this years event declaring a commitment to herself. Proud of this kid!

  1. For continued healing from my lingering side effects. (low back pain, pain down my left leg, & neuropathy of my feet)
  2. For rest during what is typically a busy season
Pic: Me in front of our Christmas tree declaring to live my Oola life!

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  1. Very proud of our girl and Lori and Devin!!!

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