Infusions + Cancer DNA
This last Tuesday I met with my oncologist (Dr Brown). After looking over my Nerve Conduction Velocity and MRI results she decided that there was no reason why I shouldn't start back up on my Keytruda infusions every three weeks. The tingling down my legs is caused by the bulging disc in my lower back not as a side effect from the Keytruda. So, I started back on Keytruda that afternoon. 

Dr Brown also got the results of my Signatera blood test back. I do still have some cancer DNA in my blood. She said it was only a little bit, the score was <20. They will retest me in 6 months.

Ever since my infusion I have been very tired. So I have been trying to rest more which is hard with all the therapies I do every day.

  1. That I can continue to receive Keytruda with minimal side effects.
  2. That in 6 months my blood test will show no cancer DNA
  3. Devin is still doing PT and seems to be healing very well.
Pic: Of me getting my Keytruda infusion. It only takes about 30 minutes once they get it from the pharmacy but it takes about an hour while we wait for it to arrive from the pharmacy.


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