2nd Chemo Set For This Week...
Not much to report for this week on the cancer front. I guess that is a good thing! I had labs drawn on Wednesday and saw my oncologist. She said everything looks good except my WBC count is low at 1.5. They want this number above 4. This wasn't too surprising as I was told it would bottom out sometime from last Thursday - Monday. They will recheck this before chemo on Wednesday.

On Thursday I met with my Radiologist Oncologist for my 4 week follow up. Everything is good as all my symptoms from radiation are gone or improving so he released me from care for now. I am set for chemo on Wednesday as long as my WBC count is up.

Friday I took Devin to his Endoscopy appointment. They didn't find anything. The doctor said everything looked good. He is making a referral to a Urologist. I'm hoping they can get him in soon as the abdominal pain comes and goes which makes it hard for him to work.

1. That my WBC count is in the normal range so I can have my 2nd round of chemo
2. That Devin can get in to see a Urologist this week

PS. I didn't have a pic for this blog so instead here is one of my favorite flowers

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  1. Lori: So glad you are feeling better and are on the mend. I have no doubt that your white blood count will return to normal. Maybe Devin’s pain is because of something his body doesn’t like: gluten, lactose, broccoli, etc? Ask him to think about what he has eaten before he starts getting pain. It could be a simple fix in his diet.

    🙏 Father, I thank you for your amazing love. I thank you for all the things you do for us. I know that you want Lori and Devin to be healed so they can be at their best to work with you and praise your holy name. I thank you and claim these and all things in the name of our risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Father I also ask for you comforting Kylie and loving her with your great love and grace. She is your child and I know you will encourage her and guide her in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen 🙏

    I chatted with Sandra today (Young Living and Mary’s right hand lady). She had not heard anything about your health battle. I gave her the gist and gave her the link to your blog.

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