Why I started the Frustrated + Fatigued Moms community and why you should join!

I started this group because I saw a need and I wanted to nurture and serve a community of women who are frustrated, tired and don’t know where to turn. I believe as women it is our duty to love on and encourage those who are going through what we went through in our past. Kinda like reaching back into the fire and helping pull you through.

I have been through a lot both personally and with my family in the last 15 years. I was frustrated and so so tired, I couldn’t think straight. I wasn’t getting answers from the medical community and I was slowly getting worse. I watched my daughter get unexplained rashes, not be able to sleep, and have unexplained meltdowns. I finally said, “enough is enough.” That is when we took matters into our own hands and started to do our own research.

It has been a journey one step at a time to a healthier lifestyle and over all improved health for my whole family. We took just one tiny step at a time and eventually have climbed the ladder, so to speak, to better health. It definately was not an overnight transformation but consistent faithful steps in the right direction.

Here are just some of the things that we have been through: undiagnosed thyroid disease, adrenal exhaustion, meningitis, infertility, miscarriage, unexplained rashes, sleep disturbances, emotional and physical meltdowns, learning the ins and outs of dietary intolerances, stress in our marriage, stress with starting a business, financial stress and just having life pass us by and wondering year after year, “is this all life has to offer us.”

Well I am here today to give you hope for your future. Since I have spent many many hours researching and making changes slowly I feel that I can help keep you from making the same mistakes we did. This will lessen your curve and help you to live your best life quicker and easier than we did. The small changes that we made continue to make a big impact on our health everyday. We are still changing and implementing things as we live life but we are well on our way to Living our Best Lives!

If any of this intrigues you I would like to invite you to join our FREE group Frustrated + Fatigued Moms. Here we will get real and talk about the different things my family has gone through and the strategies that we have implemented over the years to improve our health and get our lives back on track. I look forward to seeing you in the group!


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