Healing Takes Time + Kylie Returns Home...
It's been awhile since I updated you'll. Not a whole lot has happened since my last update. I've just been taking lots of time to rest and relax. 

Here is a little recap of what happened. My last chemo infusion(May 31) left me drained both physically and emotionally. It dropped my white blood cell count so low that I ended up in the hospital. Then after the 4 day stay in the hospital I saw my oncologist(Dr Brown) and learned that the hemorrhoids I thought I had were actually a fistula, or so we thought. She cancelled my next chemo infusion. I was referred to a colorectal doctor(Dr Hill) and he said he thought it was a fissure. Great news as these are easier to heal and usually don't require surgery. Chemo makes it so that I heal very slowly.

So I have been resting as much as I can to promote healing. I am glad to report that the fissure is still healing but I believe we are on the better side of that now. My left leg pain is another story. It only hurts while walking but the further I have gotten since my last chemo infusion the more painful it is getting. I can usually walk my dogs in the morning with minimal pain but as the day goes on the more painful it becomes. If I am going to be up and about a lot in the afternoon or evening then I usually need to take some pain medicine to help get through the day. My pain doctor(Dr Kadakia) explained that I get a lot of steroids with my infusions which help to reduce swelling which in turn helps my leg from hurting.

I am looking forward to my next infusion this Wednesday for that reason. I am hoping that my leg will feel better after that. I am not sure which chemo drugs I will be given yet as two of them have caused the side effects that I experienced. The fissure and low white blood cell count. I go to lab at 7:30AM Wednesday and meet with Dr Brown to discuss my options before I head to my chemo infusion at 9:30AM.

Kylie returned home last night from her epic 23 day adventure with Teens Westward Bound. They visited 22 states in 23 days! There were 80 high schoolers plus counselors and a director that went on the trip. They had the bus in the pic along with two 15 passenger vans both towing trailers behind for all their stuff. They visited a lot of National Parks, colleges, Vegas and even Disney Land along the way. She has been sharing many stories with us and has made many new friends. 

  1. That Dr Brown and I can come up with a good plan for my chemo infusions moving forward to keep my side effects to a minimum and keep me out of the hospital.
  2. That Kylie can catch up on some much needed sleep and for her to get over her cold she returned with.
Pic: Devin and I on our date night to The Melting Pot! My hair is starting to return slowly.

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  1. ONWARD!!! (We need to come up with a way cooler battle cry!!!) Lol XOXOX.

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