No Cancer + Halting Chemo...
Thank you for your prayers. I feel them daily. It's what helps me get through the days.

So I have been out of the hospital for a few days now and I'm getting caught up on my sleep. I forgot to mention what my diagnosis at the hospital was. Febrile Neutropenia. Basically, my white blood cell count was so low at 0.4 that it was causing my body to produce intermittent fevers to try to stimulate white blood cell production. This was caused by the cumulative effects of the chemo I was on. I received a few shots while in the hospital to help further the stimulation of white blood cells. By the time I was released my count was 11.24.

On Tuesday I went to see Dr Brown (oncologist) for a follow up and to have a new symptom looked at. She went over my PET/CT results and confirmed that the scan showed NO cancer!!! I will still be receiving chemo to keep the cancer gone and to kill any that might still remain in my blood. 

So, the hemorrhoids that I wasn't getting any relief from, yep, not hemorrhoids but an Anal Cutaneous Fistula. This means I get a referral to a colorectal doctor and an immediate halt on any further chemo infusions until we find out if I need surgery to fix the fistula. I haven't received a call for an appointment yet so I just wait. Meanwhile my Dr did say that sometimes the body will fix the fistula on its own. Fingers crossed!

I also wanted to report that since starting the two drugs for my stomach possible ulcer I haven't been having any stomach pain and have been able to resume eating.

  1. Praise for the PET scan showing NO cancer!!!
  2. That my body will fix this fistula without surgery
  3. That I can get back on my chemo therapy infusions as quick as we can to keep this cancer gone!

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  1. I am so grateful! I love you Lori!!!

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