Discipline: The Secret to Your Dream Life
Abraham Lincoln once said, “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

Discipline is all about the hustle.

If there’s something you’ve identified that you want in your life—a new job, a beautiful house, vibrant good health, financial independence—realize that steadily achieving smaller objectives on the way to your goal is the only way to get it. Hope is not a strategy.

Luckily, two things will help you be more disciplined: a list of daily tasks you must do and a sense of urgency about the goals that you’re pursuing.

What are some other tips that can help you stay disciplined?

• Start Small. The biggest dreams start with the smallest steps. Consistency is actually more important than the magnitude of your actions. Small action steps every day over time make the biggest transformations in life. Set mini-goals that are easily attained to help you gain momentum and a growing belief in yourself. As confidence builds, move faster. A realistic view of progress and an honest understanding of the challenges you will face will help fuel the discipline you will require to achieve your dreams.

• Dial In Your Discipline. Decide what your goals are—whether fitness, your finances, professional or something else—then plan ahead for the discipline you’ll need. Bring in the supplies, schedule the time, and recruit the support. For instance, if your goal is to lose 30 pounds and drop a few sizes, can you clean out the temptation in your fridge, join a gym, create a special drawer for your running gear, and set a daily alarm to get up an hour earlier? As you’re planning the necessary support structure for maintaining your discipline, also plan ahead for what you’ll do when you encounter a lack of discipline. How will you renew your efforts and push through that challenge? It could be an accountability partner who works with you, or a reward you promise yourself for getting back on track.

• Challenge Yourself for 21 Days. Experts say it takes 21 days to establish any new habit. By practicing a desirable new behavior every day for three weeks, your brain actually becomes “reprogrammed” to automatically take those steps that will get you to your goal. Well, imagine if you created one new habit a few times a year—like going to the gym three times a week or saving 15% of your paycheck. You would begin to see your goals achieved easier and faster than you thought possible.

• Be Persistent. Some goals are so big, they won’t be completed tomorrow. Be patient. But also be disciplined enough to continue doing those things that will get you to your goal. A balanced life doesn't occur overnight. It occurs over time. It’s composed of seasons when you’ll have to be out of balance. Sometimes your life will have to get a little sideways. Persist through these seasons. Course- correct, if necessary—but be patient and proactive if you want to achieve the balanced life of your dreams.

Of course, finding the discipline to achieve your goals is only a part of the process of creating balance in your life. If you think working with a coach to keep you on track and accountable for results is something that would get you to a balanced life faster, I’m here to help.

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