Broken Butt + Sluggish Thyroid
Thank you all for your continued prayers and support! I feel the prayers daily.

This last week is a bit of a blur. The weeks seem to be flying by right now. I guess because I have so many doctors appointments.

On Tuesday I went to see Dr Patt (Orthopedic). I kept telling him that it hurts where my left leg connects to my body, especially when I am walking. He kept saying you mean your butt. LOL! So he took some x-rays and confirmed what my oncologist had suspected. I have several micro fractures in my left ischium. Which is the bone that you sit on. Essentially your butt. That is one of the bones that had cancer from the metastasis. He explained that the cancer ate the bone and left holes in its place and now that the cancer is shrinking in that area it is leaving the bone very fragile. When I walk the muscles that attach there pull on the bone causing the pain that I am having. He said that time will heal the bone but until then he prescribed me a cane to use if I feel I need one. I am also going to be starting on some different calcium supplements as I know that I don't get enough nutrition through the foods I eat.

Wednesday was chemo infusion day. My friend Kim went with me to keep me company and also so that Devin could work. We left the house at 6:30AM and got back at 6:30PM. Long day! When we arrived I had my port accessed for my blood draw with no problems. Then we went to talk with Dr Brown (oncologist). All my blood numbers were good except my thyroid. My TSH levels had doubled in three weeks. That means that my thyroid is under attack. We knew that from my previous round of chemo and blood draw. That is why she set me up to see an endocrinologist. I am so thankful that they watch my blood work so closely.

On Friday I went to see Dr Sudhakar (endocrinologist). She looked over my thyroid blood numbers and confirmed that I need a prescription of Levothyroxin to help my thyroid. She said that my thyroid is in a hypo or underacting state. This makes sense to me since I gained 7 lbs in 2 weeks and I wasn't eating as much as I had been. Plus I have been tired more lately. This is happening because my immunotherapy drug (Keytruda) is attacking my thyroid. She will follow up with me in 6 weeks to see if we need to increase my dose or not.

Yesterday we went to the mall because some of us needed some shorts as the weather is getting warmer out. It was nice to spend time with the family even if I do detest shopping. I'd rather shop from the comfort of my couch, as long as I can get free shipping.

I have added a new therapy to my daily routine. It is called a BioMat. It is used to help keep healthy cells in my body healthy and kill off the cancer cells. Plus it will help to raise my body temperature which normally runs 97.8 degrees. There has been scientific evidence that shows that a low body temperature is related to sickness and disease. I will write a blog post about it in a few weeks after I have used it for a bit.

  1. Continued prayers for my bone pain in my legs ( the ones I get following chemo for a few days) So far it is contained to just my feet this time around.
  2. Prayers that my body can restrengthen my ischium to repair the micro fractures.
  3. That my thyroid would get straightened out and that the Keytruda will stop its attack on it.
Praise: Devin seems to be doing really well on his new supplements for his stomach and hasn't taken any prescriptions in almost 8 weeks. He has had two mild cases of stomach pain in that time but it was manageable.

Pic: My friend Kim and I at my infusion on Wednesday.


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