10 of 10 Radiation Treatments Done & What's Next...
This week Monday and Tuesday I finished my last two radiation treatments. Just in time for some the radiations symptoms to kick in. I'm left with some irritated skin, irritated bowels and very tired. So rest has been my friend this week.

On Wednesday I had several appointments, one was with Palliative Care. They are helping me to manage all the many symptoms that I experience. In the afternoon I went and had my pre chemo blood work run and all of my labs looked great. After that we had an appointment with Dr Brown my oncologist. She reminded us yet again that this is going to be a marathon and not a sprint. She had me set for chemo to start on 1/17. I went home to rest after all this as I was exhausted.

Thursday afternoon I got a call from Rose. She is Dr Brown's coordinator. They have to push out chemo another week, so now I will start on 1/24. The reason for this is that 2 of my 4 chemo drugs are very expensive and they need to have insurance prepay for them before they can be ordered. Since we have Samaritan Ministry a health share program we are classified as self pay. So they are trying to go through the individual manufactures to cover the costs. Apparently the paperwork is taking awhile to go through.

The rest of the week has been spent resting!

  1. That they would get the costs covered by the manufactures so I can start chemo on 1/24
  2. That my lingering radiation symptoms would clear up


  1. 🙏 Father, I thank you for being with Lori every moment and putting your big arms around her, so she knows how much you love her. I thank you for rebuking the adversary from her life and letting her know that you are healing her completely. She believes that you are able to do this, so I ask you to strengthen her faith in you. She is your child and you are her father. Send her blessings so she knows that you hear her and care about her needs. Thank you for all of these things in the name of our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. AMEN 🙏
  2. One day at a time Lori. Perhaps the delay in getting the paperwork processed is more time to heal and rest in between treatments. I am praying for you for strength. I am a believer and when we are down, I know He carries us. So rest, and take good care during this time. Heavenly Father, i bring my friend Lori before you to heal her body because I know that you are capable of such miracles. Please hear our prayers. Everyone in agreement, say Amen. Amen. Love you!
  3. I am sitting right here with you. Squint your eyes and turn your head toward the gate! I may be a few miles from you but I know you can see me! I am praying, waving, and sending love. Constantly thinking of you guys. I love the positive labs! I know that is a result of all the hard work you guys are putting in. It isn't easy but I know who you are. No sir, you are not backing down! XOXOX

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