New Chemotherapy Drug...
Thanks again for all your prayers. We really do appreciate it.

Last week was a boring week, as far as appointments go. I didn't have any! It was nice. I got time to relax, read a book, do some puzzles and took lots of naps.

This week on Wednesday I had a routine blood draw and met with my oncologist, Dr Brown. We talked about the neuropathy in my feet and how dropping Paclitaxel last time should help it not to get worse and might help it improve some. She has decided that I need to start on Paclitaxel's sister drug Docetaxel. This chemotherapy drug isn't supposed to cause neuropathy so I'm going to give it a try. After that I had another acupuncture treatment. Jon my acupuncturist is excited that I am no longer going to be getting Paclitaxel and he thinks that we will be able to make some headway with the neuropathy in my feet now. Fingers crossed! I am still using the lasers and Biomat most days, along with extra supplements.

Thursday Devin and I celebrated our 21st Anniversary. We went out to eat at our favorite restaurant Epic Chophouse.

We have taken advantage of the rainy holiday weekend to catch up on some shows, video games, naps and reading. Hope you all are enjoying your relaxing holiday weekend!

  1. My left leg/butt pain is getting worse. The pain is moving into my leg now. Praying my upcoming PET scan will show us what's going on.
  2. That my body will tolerate the new chemo drug on Wednesday.


  1. Keep up the good work! As always you guys are in my prayers and I miss you!!!
  2. What a non-event update. All sounds positive. Continued prayers.
    Happy Anniversary!

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