My Fight Starts All Over Again...
Praise: since my last update I have lost 22 pounds of fluid and the swelling is almost gone. The pain comes and goes but is a lot better. 

I had my PET Scan last Friday and met with Dr Brown (oncologist) today. I'm sad to report that I have several lymph nodes in my abdomen that showed metastasis. My left adrenal gland also showed abnormal. Dr Brown is treating the adrenal gland like it's cancer even though she has decided not to biopsy it. My Signatera blood test went up to 18 from 1.48 in September. This means a lot more cancer DNA in my blood. With that being said I will be starting the same 3 chemotherapies and immunotherapy (Keytruda) that I had last year. We are praying that my body tolerates them better this go round. The plan is to start within the next two weeks. I am awaiting a call from my chemotherapy coordinator with the date.

My rheumatologist  appointment got moved up and I have a consult with her tomorrow. Hopefully we will learn what caused all the swelling.

  1. That I will be able to tolerate the chemo better this time and have no side effects and will kick cancer once and for all!
  2. That we find out what was causing the swelling to try to keep that from happening again.
PIC: Last night celebrating my Mom's Birthday!


  1. Dr. Lori My Wife Krista and I will Certainly Be Praying To Our Lord and Savior JESUS Christ The Great Physician for a Complete And Total Recovery šŸ™ā™„ļø What A Friend We Have In JESUS šŸ™ā™„ļøšŸ¤²šŸ»ā™„ļøšŸ›
  2. Lori, Iā€™m so sorry to hear of this setback and I hope very much that the treatments can help. Best wishes.

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