Why we have nose hairs...
As always, thank you for your continued prayers. We really do appreciate it.

I had my second chemo treatment on February 15th. I always feel pretty good for the first two days or so. Then the sleepless nights kick in. I start to experience intense bone pain from my knees down to my toes. One of my chemo drugs causes bone pain. It aches/hurts so bad that I can't sleep. I usually fall asleep from exhaustion around 2 am or so. This usually only lasts for three nights. It doesn't usually hurt during the day so I can take a nap to catch up on sleep. I do have prescription pain killers that I can take for the pain but unfortunately those leave me severely constipated. These are the realities of dealing with cancer. This treatment time was a little different. I had the same bone pain during the day on the third day as I do at night. I have tried all kinds of homeopathic remedies to alleviate this pain but nothing I have found yet helps, except the prescription. Which I don't want to take. I have ordered compression socks to try this next time around. We will see if that helps.

I really can't complain about having to deal with this for three days. I know it could be a lot worse. I am very fortunate. 

Another side effect of the chemo drugs is that my fingers and toes always have a tingly feeling in them. Like they are asleep. I have also now lost most of my hair. This also includes nose hairs. I know now why we have nose hairs. So our snot doesn't constantly run down our faces. ;) Yep, that is a thing!

I am now in that phase (days 10 - 14 post chemo) where my white blood cells have dropped and I have to be very careful being around people. I call it my home quarantine. I actually don't mind being told that I need to stay home for 5 days out of every 21. I am a natural introvert so this works well for me.

The picture of my family is from last night as we celebrated Kylie turning 15!

  1. That the tingling in my fingers & toes doesn't get worse
  2. That we would get some answers soon about Devin's abdominal pain (it still comes & goes) He has another appointment at the end of the week
  3. That Kylie passes her drivers test to get her permit (Tuesday)


  1. Kimberly K Chase  03/04/2023 08:23 PM Central
    Just want you to know your on my heart, in my prayers and I love you!
  2. Ok. The Nose Hair thing is REAL! I have encountered and dealt with it. Buy stock in Q-Tips and clean out your nostrils with it every time you walk near the bathroom. This did tremendous things in terms of post-nasal drip, especially when I didn't want to sneeze AFTER surgery. I found Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Nasal Mist Extra Strength and Eucalyptus extremely helpful.

    I am reading and empathizing with the bone ache. I am not sure if it is caused by the same mechanism as Udenyca but they have me take Claritan because it is an anti-histamine. I through in the Tylenol and it works like a champ. As always the standing bike helps with that too. Check with your doctor. The Claritin cuts the bulk of it out for me.

    I love you guys and please stay strong!
  3. Lori, Have you tried drinking Willow Bark Tea for pain. I have heard it helps.

    🙏 Father, I thank you for keeping Lori in the palms of your hands. Thank you for speeding up her recovery time. I also thank you for the doctors making a decision concerning Devin. For giving him peace of mind in what he needs to do. Thanks for Kylie passing her drivers test with flying colors. Keep all of them close to you as they learn to live for you. In the name of our risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen 🙏

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