Rough Few Days But Made It Through + PET Scan Results...
Thanks for continuing to support me and my family during all this. We truly do appreciate each and everyone of you!

About three days after chemo the leg(bone) pains started in. This time around I had pain not only at night but during the day too. I'm not going to lie, it was rough for me. I had to make the decision on a few occasions to take the pain prescriptions that I don't like to take due to their side effects, just so I could get some rest.

Wednesday I woke up and my legs didn't hurt. I thought this is going to be a great day. I got ready for the day. Then I started to feel dizzy and I passed out. Like sprawled out on the floor not sure what happened. Luckily for me a friend was here and she helped get me to the couch where I proceeded to rest for the morning. I'm ok except for a really big bruised left knee and some sore muscles.

That afternoon I had an appointment with my pain doctor. I told him about the incident, so he did an exam. He said all was good and that I needed to remember that my body is going through a lot right now. He was going to write up his report and send it to my oncologist for me so it can be monitored.

On Friday I had another PET/CT Scan. The results are in. As far as we can tell from the report all cancer has shrunk by at least 50%!!! Praise God!!! My oncologist will go over the results when I see her in a week and a half unless she calls me this week.

  1. For the tingling/numbness in my feet and hands to get better with laser treatment.
  2. For chemo to completely remove ALL cancer from my body
  3. For answers to the cause of Devin's abdominal pain. He is trying another new prescription this week.
Pic is a random one from Pixabay that I found. Maybe someday I will get a pic of me in a sunflower field!


  1. Kimberly K Chase  03/20/2023 08:00 AM Central
    Praising God for the 50% shrinkage! That's great news!!! Biggest warmest hugs. I love you!
  2. Katherine Rodriguez  03/19/2023 09:16 PM Central
    Sending prayers!!
  3. We are so excited!!!!! I love you!

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