3rd Chemo Is In The Books...
Chemo number three is in the books. When I went Wednesday morning to get my blood work done prior to the chemo they had some trouble accessing a vein. It took them three tries. This is very common in chemo patients. As the treatments go on it gets harder to get a vein accessed. The nurse who was working with me was new so after the first poke she went to get me someone more experienced.  This nurse also had some trouble and gave me two more pokes. The words "we might need to put a port in soon," was talked about. I really don't want a port if I can keep from it. So, we were given the go ahead to try some alternative therapies for three weeks to try to get my veins working better again. I will talk more about this in another post soon.

Today I went to my first acupuncture treatment. It went well. This was something that my oncologist wanted me to try for four sessions to see if it can help me with some side effects from the chemo. Mainly, constipation and the tingling in my fingers and toes. So keep your fingers crossed!

Prayer Requests:
  1. I am heading into the 3-4 days of nightly leg pain that comes after chemo. Praying that it doesn't keep me awake at night.
Kylie had to take her written drivers test twice but she passed it earlier today!!! We are so proud of her. This gives her her permit for the next year to practice on the road to be able to take her driving test.


  1. My sister had a port put in before she started her chemo. She was glad she did so they didn't have to access her veins.
  2. I am praying! I understand the legs and wish I could provide more help in that area!!!! Congratulations Kylie!!!

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