8 of 10 Radiation Treatments Done!
Thank you for your continued support and kind words of encouragement. I appreciate all of you!

This week was pretty uneventful. Which I guess is a good thing. I had radiation treatments Tuesday thru Friday. Each day left me more and more tired. I feel like all I do sometimes is sleep. But I am reminded that healing happens when you sleep. So for now I sleep! 

  1. For our daughter, Kylie as she starts back in public high school after being homeschooled for the last 7 years. She is excited. This decision had come before we learned of my cancer diagnosis. In fact we signed her up to start this semester about 6 hours before we got my cancer diagnosis. God really does work in mysterious ways.
  2. For me to be less tired this week so I can get caught up on some things before I start chemo


  1. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
  2. Prayers continue for you. Good to be able to follow along with you on your blog. You are one tough cookie! BLESSINGS AND PRAYERS, Lori -- for you, for Devin and Kylie
  3. You better believe I am praying for you, Kylie and Devin! We sent some up at our online prayer/bible study this morning. Keep moving forward! We are here when any of you need us!!!
  4. Hi Lori, we have been and will continue to pray for you and your family.
    Keep rockin' and rollin'!!

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