The Waiting Game...
Continued thanks for all who pray for us!

Just a little update as we wait for my upcoming appointments and tests.

I was supposed to have my Nerve Conduction Velocity Test last week but they called me the morning of and said I was only scheduled for a consult. The doctor had read my file and said there wasn't a need for me to come that day and instead he went ahead and just scheduled the test. It is scheduled for October 17th but I am listed on the cancelation list if something opens up sooner. Fingers crossed because I am supposed to meet with Dr Patt (orthopedist) on October 10th to go over all my results and formulate our game plan.

Overall, I am doing pretty well. Energy levels are increasing and I seem to be getting more stamina. I get easily tired and have more left leg pain as the day goes on. The sharp sciatic pain comes and goes throughout the day. I have noticed that as we drop down in Prednisone dose my leg pain increases also. Not sure what Dr Brown will do with this information but I see her on Tuesday for a followup.

The Prednisone continues to keep me up at night. I'm averaging 6 - 7 hours of sleep but I really like to get 9 - 10. I am getting a lot of books read so that is nice. I hadn't read much over the past few years and I am reminded how much I enjoy it.

Update on Devin. His tendon appears to be healing as he doesn't need to wear the boot anymore. He either tapes it or wears a support stocking. So praise God for this blessing!

  1. That I might get in earlier than Oct. 17th for my Nerve Conduction Velocity Test
  2. That Dr Brown won't increase my Prednisone prescription again on Tuesday. I want to start sleeping better and losing the water weight I have gained.
  3. That Devin's tendon will continue to heal
Pic: One of the many areas we laser each and every day! These treatments have helped me so much.

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  1. You got this! I know the road has been long and an emotional roller coaster at best. I will continue to pray! I love you all!

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