Infusion #9 in the books...
Last Tuesday 8/2 we had a meeting with Dr Brown (oncologist) after some routine bloodwork. My bloodwork was all good. We talked about how to keep my white blood cells up while continuing my infusions. The plan was to get an injection 24 hours after my chemo infusion to help stimulate white blood cell production. This would hopefully keep me out of the hospital with Febrile Neutropenia. We then talked about how in the last 3 weeks the neuropathy in my feet has gotten even worse. The complete bottoms of my feet are now numb/tingly. It is making it extremely difficult to walk as I can't feel my feet. With this new information we decided to discontinue the last two chemotherapy drugs that I was on. This also means that I don't need the injection for the white blood cells.

So, what does this mean? Moving forward for the time being I will only be receiving Keytruda the immunotherapy drug every three weeks. A new PET/CT scan is scheduled for the end of the month. If you remember the last PET/CT showed no evidence of disease. We are praying this remains the same.

On Wednesday 8/3 I saw Dr Kadakia (palliative care). We discussed how every time I am hospitalized I lose strength in my legs. Which makes it even harder to walk. I will be trying to regain some leg strength at home and we will discuss starting physical therapy in 6 weeks when I see him again. He stated that once people are off chemo some will reverse the neuropathy in 2 months - 2 years. This gives me some hope, as others have told me it will most likely be irreversible. Time will tell. Fingers crossed!

  1. For some good healing sleep so I can start to rehab my legs. My legs just feel like jelly most of the time.
  2. For the neuropathy in my feet to reverse.
  3. For a no evidence of disease PET/CT at the end of the month.
Pic: Just a great reminder to myself that my struggle is a sign that God is up to something great in my life!


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